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Turning the myth upside down that firstly text imagery needs to be a certain size for the picture and text to be able to read and seen clearly.

Taking a Black and White image (Photo to Text includes a Greyscale convertor too) and then converting it into Artext.

The title and the words used in this piece is 'Black and White'.


Traditional Typography design uses Black, where now with the use of Artext, it is possible to use greyscales and keep with tradition but with a new imagery look and feel.


Arial Black

The font Brad looks like the image below

Using a striking font such as Brad allows the Artext image to ooze a new quality of striking imagery.  The Brad Font was specifically used to highlight the DARK areas of the image.  Arial Black was used to for the lighter area's.  Follow the characters and you can see that the fonts were used with precision and depth.























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